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11 Home Security Tips for a Safer Home

Having a secure home pays off in the long run. Insurance companies offer homes that are equipped with alarms and high quality locks some pretty good discounts. If you are part of a Home Watch group, this can also help. Here is a simple guide to help you better the security in your home:

  1. Insurance

Look over your insurance policy, what is the level of security that is required in your home. Always read the small print and if in doubt, call them up right away.

  1. External Windows and Doors

The quality of the wood in the door frame and door is what locks depend on. Consider hiring a joinmer or builder to properly secure the door frame to the brick work prior to fitting any extra locks.

Extra protection to your home is added with mortice locks. Choosing locks that either conform to the British Standards (BS3621) or that have a minimum of five levers. Make sure that the door is thick enough not only to properly fit the lock, but also hold its strength. For advice on the matter, speak to a qualified locksmith.

Although useful, mortise bolts are not best for doors which are used regularly to enter and exit the home. A security bar or purpose made locks are a great way to protect patio doors. For advice on the matter, speak to a qualified locksmith.

For French windows, remember that the lock that secures on door to the other is only as strong as the actual door. The top and bottom of each opening door should be dit with mortise bolts. Always fit the bolts to the frame, never the other door. It is normally a stronger option t have window locks that pill the window into the frame with the use of a key.

With double glazing, make sure that not only the handle is what is stopping the windows from being opened. A key should be needed to unlock the windows. When choosing double glazing, look for the following British Standards: for security performance — BS 7950; for window performance — BS 4412

  1. Apartments and Flats

The locks which can be fitted to the doors of homes in apartments or flats is strictly regulated. It is important to seek out professional advice. Check out these tips from Verisure.

  1. Window Shock Alarms

Window shock alarms are devices that are inexpensive and can be attached to windows or glass, on vibration they sound, tshi in itself is usually enough to ward off potential burglars.

  1. Burglar Alarms

When choosing a burglar alarm, there are many things to take into consideration. Make sure you take your time to make the best choice for you.

  1. Home Keys

Never leave spare keys lying around in your home. It is best to leave them with a trusted relative, friend or neighbor. You may not be covered by your insurance if a burglar were to enter your home with the use of your stolen or lost keys. The same thing goes for a vehicle that is stolen with the use of your own keys. The best place to store your door keys is on your or beside your bed. Keep in mind that your safety,even during a fire is far more important than protecting property.

  1. Car Keys

Without the keys, most cars are difficult to steal. Criminals are aware of how to break into homes to get their hands on car keys, they may do so in any of these following ways:

Reaching through the cat-flap

Smashin or forcing a door or window to grab keys that are in sight

Looking through the letterbox to get keys off the stairs or a table

There are rare occasions, especially if the vehicle is especially valuable, i which residents will be threatened for the keys

The best and most simple thing to do is to put your keys somewhere where they are out of sight and safe.

  1. Safes

Generally domestic safes are designed so as not to be see. It is important to always check with your insurance company prior to installing a safe and see what their recommendation would be.

  1. Dogs

Never rely solely on a dog for your home´s protection.  Even if you have a pet, you should still invest in a burgñlar alar, there are many alarm system available which are pet-friendly.

  1. CCTV

As cost become more reduce, this option is gaining popularity. That being said, before having a CCTV installed in your home, there are many things that should be taken into consideration so, seek proper advice.

  1. Beware of Fire

A good security system is designed to keep intruders from getting in, not to prevent residents from exiting. Always keep internal doors closed, but not locked at night. They will keep the fire at bay giving you important time to exit if there was a fire. In case there is an emergency, you never want any delays, so always keep your keys close by. For an early fire warning, have a smoke alarm fitted.

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