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10 Tips For Retro Dining Rooms

Getting the retro look is often worth it as it’s been very on trend for a number of years now and looks set to continue to be so into the future. Here are ten tips to ensure your dining room has that old fashioned appeal.

  1. To keep a dining room in use and alive, try to use your dining room table for flowers or piles of books and other uses. If you would like to add some interest, you should make changes to your glassware and china on a regular basis.  Changing your table setting and updating it by introducing new pieces is a lot of fun.  They might come from foreign travel or car-boot sales.  Don’t be hesitant to purchase two, three or even four glasses, since you can pair them with other things very easily.
  1. How about dressing a table up with silver and classic paisleys or play around with color and use saris for covering the table. When it comes to tablecloths, don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries. To add vibrancy to the table, make use of textured fabrics.
  1. Practically speaking, when you are entertaining, it can be nice to have a simple starter all laid out for your guests when they arrive. Have the pudding and main course always close at hand, to make it convenient so that your meal isn’t prolonged.  The key to your dining table is that conversation should be encouraged between your guests (which includes the host as well), so be sure to not have any obstacles in the way.  Make sure any vases you are using are low with maybe a singe stem, so that distractions are limited.  One really nice thing about having a dining room inside your house is that you have the ability to shut the door on whatever mess there may be at the end of the evening and wait until the morning to clean things up.
  1. When it comes to good room planning, I am very passionate about it. It is critical that the space be perfected before personalizing it.  There needs to be easy access to the dining room from both the kitchen and general entertaining space.
  1. It is essential to have good light. You want the lighting to be sparkling but still subtle.  With the exception of chandeliers, bright overhead lights are suited well for dining purposes.  Even chandeliers need to have dimmer switches.  To achieve the ideal balance, play around with the lighting.
  1. To maximize light, introduce mirrors. It’s a clever way of adding sparkle and glamour by reflecting glassware and table top silver.
  1. One thing that is important that tends to be neglected is acoustics. Quite often I cover my clients’ wall rooms with fabric.  I really like how fabric looks on walls and it can be very luxurious.  It is practical as well.  A deadening and dense effect is created by padded fabric so that voices and music are enhanced without reverberation.  They are excellent qualities for an entertaining or dining room to have.
  1. Extendable tables are an excellent tool, since they prevent tables having an empty look to them with catering a smaller party. Look at these mid century dining tables and see what we mean. They provide extra space when you have a couple of extra guests you need to squeeze in.  The size of your table can then be reduced so that the table can be stored between meals.
  1. One critical ingredient to leading an easy life is to have storage that is well thought out. This is especially true for the dining room.  Spacious cupboards can store all of your linen, glassware and china neatly and safety, which is an absolute necessity.
  1. If you love the traditional, grand English design, then you don’t need to look any further than having a red dining room, since it is such a central component to our heritage.


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