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10 DIY Nightclub Makeovers with Velvet Curtains

10 DIY Nightclub Makeovers with Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are seen everywhere in nightclubs, but many nightclub owners don’t stop and think about just how awesome velvet curtains could possibly be. They can be used for a large number of different uses within a nightclub, and can help to foster an exciting unique vibe in any nightclub setting. Here are 10 different little known ways in which you can utilize velvet curtains from Lushes Curtains to spice things up in your nightclub.

1 . Use Them On Stage

Velvet curtains can be great to use on stage. They provide an elegant, consistent backdrop for acts that are performing and will allow you to ensure that all stage acts are easily view-able from all locations within your nightclub. Recently Bars and Small Lounges have been using Small stages for Stand Up Comedy, DJ Setups or even Performing arts. By Simply adding a velvet curtain backdrop to the stage can instantly give it that elegant and theatrical appeal you’re looking for.  A very Inexpensive and effective addition to your stage.

Comedy-stage-curtain-backgroundNightclub Makeovers with Velvet Curtains

2. Absorb Sound

Nightclubs are noisy places by their nature. However, neighboring businesses and acoustics mean that nightclubs want to dampen sound where they can on occasion. Velvet actually makes an excellent sound absorption material and can be used on virtually any wall in a nightclub. This would be great for keeping sound from overwhelming adjacent rooms and from having the Sound from escaping the facility.  The thicker the velvet (more layers) the better results you will receiving in absorbing sound through out. Another addition is by double the width of panels. By doubling the width of the space or walls you plan in covering, this will allow better sound reduction as well. Many Nightclubs and Lounges That constantly play loud music have even used single small panels through their facility. Not only will this help in sound absorption but makes the nightclub or Lounge feel more upscale and Elegant.

3. Use Lighting Effects

Looking to spice things up? You can use Lighting & Velvet Curtains to give a unique look to any nightclub. Simply shine interchangeable LED lights to white velvet and it will brighten any room up.  For example if you shine an LED Purple or Blue light to a Solid White Velvet Curtain Panel, it will turn that curtain into the color of the light you shin on it. The more creative you get with your lighting fixtures (colors), the greater the light show and presence you will receive with white velvet panels.


4. Backdrops for DJs

Does the area behind your DJ station look a little lackluster? Something as simple as installing velvet curtains can help spice up the area and get it to look its absolute best. Having a simple DJ backdrop will allow you to take it down and put it up when you wish. You can even have two panels, one for each side of the DJ both, which will allow you to have an opening through the middle. This will give you access and allow you to move more freely to the back of the stage. All you would simply need to use are curtain tie-backs to hold the panels back to each side of the DJ Booth. Giving it that regency look when not in use.


5. Hide Tattered Walls and Paint

Not all nightclubs are able to afford new, beautiful buildings. In fact, some of the best nightclubs in the biggest cities in the world are in buildings that were constructed more than 50 years ago. In these circumstances, there will always be some wear and tear, and velvet curtains can help to cover up sore spots with ease. Don’t spend hundreds in repairing an ugly wall. Simply cover it up with a velvet curtain panel. Very easy to do and will save you time and money. You can even use velvet fabric to upholster the walls on back of VIP Booths or hallways. Using it as wallpaper to add that fussy feel. Will give any space a unique and creative feel to it.


6. Divide Rooms

Some nightclubs have different rooms for different music, VIP rooms, and different themed rooms for guests to visit. Velvet curtains are an excellent way to divide different rooms and make sure that you are able to keep things looking elegant.


7. Cover Doors

Does your nightclub have open doorways throughout the club? You can cover these doorways with a velvet curtains and give a mysterious look to the entire area. This can help to foster a mystique and you can use colors that match the theme. Please do keep in mind since you plan in using panels for door covers, you will need to have the panels double sided Velvet (with two fronts). This way the panels will look the same from either side of the room. While in use, you will need to hold them back with Curtain Tiebacks which will allow you to easily move from room to room.


8. Divide VIP Booths

VIP visitors are paying good money to be given a certain experience. They want an exclusive feeling, which can be achieved by separating the booths with velvet curtains. By providing this experience to customers will keep them coming back. Everybody wants to feel important and by providing a luxurious and upscale vibe to each VIP area. Will make your Nightclub or Lounge stand out from the rest! After all Nightclubs are one of the only places in the world where people pay big bucks for this unique experience and if your Business is NOT up to date with its Decor or Service. Don’t expect to charge high prices for your service.


9. Unique Decorations

Get Creative! Want to make your nightclub look unique and stand out from the others in your area? You can use velvet curtains throughout the nightclub to give an interesting, draping look and a unique aesthetic.  The more creative you get with placing velvet curtains throughout your Nightclub, the more dramatic and classy your business will seem. Allowing you to raise prices on drinks, door entrance & VIP experience. Making it a very wise and smart investment as the curtains will pay for themselves, with the increase in business you will receive.


10. Table Covers

Want to make your place seem elegant? Try covering surfaces in velvet curtains and using them as tablecloth replacements. Doing so at the coat table or in other areas around the nightclub can help to class up the place.

Velvet curtains can be an excellent resource for any nightclub that is looking to create an elegant aesthetic that patrons will love.

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