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10 DIY Curtain Tieback Ideas You Will Love

A tieback can make a huge difference in the overall look of your curtains and of your room.  Tiebacks just makes a room look prettier and more organized.  They are simple to make, and so easy to use which is exactly why we are going to discuss some fun DIY tieback ideas up next.

  1. Use an old belt

Want to upcycle an old leather belt that doesn’t fit anymore?  Well, a belt is the perfect curtain tieback to consider.  In fact using an old belt as a tieback was a major curtain trend this year especially since fashion and home owners seems to love the idea of upcycling so much.

  1. Upcycle beaded necklaces

Those old pearl or fake pearl necklaces that just aren’t your stile might just go perfect with your curtains.  Just install a hook at the curtain side and throw your necklace in a hoop around the curtain and the hook for an instant and very expensive looking tieback.

  1. Multipurpose a tiara

Tiaras are great for costume parties but your daughter’s tiara is only going to gather dust in the closet for most of the time.  You can however multipurpose this pretty little glistening tiara by using it as a tieback on her pink curtains.  Simply tie the back of the tiara together with a ribbon and slide the curtain through.

  1. Multipurpose a tutu

A tutu that ties together around the waste can be a great curtain tieback.  Just tie it around the curtain for an instant ballerina look on the curtains.

  1. Stuffed animal tieback

Do you have any stuffed animals with long arms?  Then grab your glue gun and a piece of Velcro and add some grip to those hands so the little stuff animal can hold back the curtains for you as a clever and free tieback.

  1. Use fabric flowers

Most fabric flowers come with wired green stems and fabric petals.  You can use these fabric flowers as a tieback by simply bending the stems into a hoop and sliding the curtain through the hoop.  You will create an instant tieback and improve the overall appeal of your curtain.

  1. Add a chain

That old rusted chain that have been hanging on the garden gate for years can give your room or kitchen a nice and rustic look when you use the chain as a curtain tieback. To spice up your old chain you can even add some vintage keys or a lock to the chain.

  1. Install a doorknob

Do you have an old but pretty doorknob lying around?  Well simply screw that doorknob into the wall next to the window and hook your curtain around it.

  1. Rough rope

Rope can be used in so many different ways including arts and crafts and as a curtain tie back.  Just get a vintage and rough piece of wood and tie it down next to your window.

  1. Crochet a doily

Doilies are back in fashion and it is also a great hoppy for long lazy days.  Create a doily and use it in a tieback so you can create a vintage vibe for your home.


I am sure that you can find lots of other curtain tieback ideas around the room or house if you just keep an open mind and use a bit of creativity.  Have a look around and have some fun while you give your curtains a mini makeover.

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