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10 Creative Recycling Ideas for Old Curtains
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10 Creative Recycling Ideas for Old Curtains

It isn’t always easy to just dispose of something that have been part of your home for a long time, that has sentimental value or something that you have spent a lot of money on.  Velvet curtains are one of these things that you just don’t throw out whenever you get tired of the color.  The good news is that there are plenty of DIY projects you can take on to repurpose these old curtains when they are no longer suitable for use.

  1. Table Runners

Table runners are so easy to make and they are terrific for improving your dinner table’s setup.  Just roll out your DIY table runner, add a few candles and a center piece and viola… your dinner table has a completely new look.

  1. Dinner Placemats

Placemats are no longer a must for dinner but they are still quite handy for dinner tables that are hard to keep clean and streak free like solid wood, glass or polished tables.  You can easily turn those old curtains into beautiful dinner placemats that will match your living room perfectly.

  1. Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins can give a dinner a much more romantic and higher quality vibe.  They are also so great to use if you are tackling a big spare rib for dinner.  You can make your own cloth napkins from your old curtains and also use these napkins for general spills around the house.

  1. Draft Stoppers

Drafts can be annoying and can result in a chilly home during winter.  Create your own draft stoppers for every bedroom and outdoor room in your house so everyone can enjoy improved health.

  1. Market Bags

If you hate littering then you will absolutely love this idea.  Turn your old curtains into market bags so you can shop easily or even store away goods around the house much easier without contributing to pollution.

  1. Kids Forts Or Tents

Kids love forts and tents.  This is a terrific DIY project you can take on for a mini reading fort inside your child’s bedroom or in the living room.

  1. Curtain Artwork

Turn old velvet curtains into artwork by stretching them over a wood frame and get creative with some fabric paint, stencils, quotes or whatever else comes to mind.

  1. Headboard Covering

Velvet is a thick and soft fabric that works perfect in the bedroom and especially as a headboard.  You can repurpose your old curtains into a headboard for a mini room makeover.

  1. Pillow Covers Or Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions and pillow covers are always handy and you can easily make these yourself by cutting up your old curtains and sewing the cuttings back together for covers.

  1. Fabric Yarn

Cut those old curtains into long thin strips and make some fabric yarn.  Fabric yarn can be used in various projects but one of the best uses is by turning your fabric yarn into a gigantic crochet rug for your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

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