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Red Velvet Cake Recipe Made Easy for You

The appearance of richness and luxury called to mind by elegant velvet curtains can also be achieved in the world of baking and food preparation, by baked goods which bear names similar to their cousins in the fabric world, red velvet cakes. While the luxurious touch of velvet fabric may be lacking in the eating experience, the rich taste of red velvet …

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Tips for Keeping Pets from Damaging Your Curtains

House pets and curtains don’t go together well; in fact house pets are the leading cause to curtain damage in homes. Perhaps your pet has a different sense of fashion taste when it comes to curtaining, perhaps they smell something suspicious on your curtains or perhaps your dog or cat doesn’t know that you are currently in love with that …

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6 Ways to Inject Rich Autumn Red Into Your Living Room (eight images)

Autumn is formally right here, bringing with it cooler climate, lit fireplaces and an urge to make your house really feel cozy. If the air is getting crisp and the leaves are turning the place you reside — or even when not and also you merely prefer to mark the seasons — now’s one of the best time to embrace …

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How to Design a Warm Contemporary Kitchen (16 photos)

Many people are drawn to the cool colors, clean lines and minimalist shapes that characterize a modern decor style. And some of these same people want their kitchen to feel like a cozy and inviting gathering space. So what do you do when you desire the cool vibes of modern style but also crave warmth?…   Source: DIY Home Projects

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5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

If you are passionate about interior design but lack the money to do something spectacular, then you will need to be creative and be able to think outside the box to realize your grand vision. We all like to have a cohesive decorative scheme in our home, but when we don’t the reason why this is the case is sometimes …

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Houzz Tour: Historic Portland Home Gets a Modern Makeover (22 images)

When Sandy Riedman and her husband, Aaron Matusick, purchased an American Foursquare home in Portland, Oregon’s Historic Alphabet District — a neighborhood of lovely houses the place timber line streets named in alphabetical order — there have been layers of mud within the 1907 house, which hadn’t been up to date in… Source: DIY Home Projects

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